This Generation is the first to have ‘anytime, anywhere’ access to unregulated content. Recent statistics and surveys give a fascinating insight into the changes that have occurred within communications over the past 30 years and collectively they provide a broad picture of the new landscape that we must learn to navigate as leaders seeking to bring help to the vulnerable: 


iPORN: Online pornography, how much and how often?

1 in 25 websites is pornographic and about 1 in 8 web searches are for erotic content. 1

In 2018, a SINGLE porn website reported 33.5 billion visits a year. 2

NO MORE PAGE 3: People are searching for more than topless photos

Within an analysis of top-selling porn content, 304 sex scenes were analysed for both physical and verbal aggression; 88% of scenes were found to contain physical aggression and 49% to contain verbal aggression. 3

56% of men said that their taste in porn had become ‘increasingly extreme of deviant” often creating problems in real relationships. 4

ADULTS ONLY?: Porn’s impact on children and young people

94% of teens said that they had seen porn by the age of 14. 5

1 in 3 ten-year-olds have seen pornography online. 6

WOMEN, MEN & MARRIAGE: More than a “Man’s issue”

1 in 3 visitors to porn sites are female. 7

An association of lawyers reported that 56% of their divorce cases involved one partly having an “obsessive interest” in pornographic websites. 8

79% of men and 76% of women aged 18-30 years old said that they watch porn at least once a month. 9

77% of 31-49 year old men have viewed porn whilst at work in the last 3 months. 10

PORN AND THE CHURCH: The elephant in the pew

95% of Christians that self-identified as ‘born-again’ admitted to viewing porn. 11

Only 7% of churches have programs to help those struggling with porn. 12

93% of Pastors (and 94% of Youth Pastors) say that porn is a bigger problem in their church than ever before. 13

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